About Agri-Products

Agri-Products started production in 1985. In this relatively short period of time, we have gained recognition as an innovator of quality equipment for agriculture.

"Efficiency for Agriculture" is the motto used to direct the design and manufacture of our products. Many of our employees come from farming backgrounds, making their experience a valuable asset when it comes to the design considerations for our product line.

Initially, the company produced a deep tillage implement—The Mulcher—to combat ground compaction. The tool bar used with The Mulcher is recognized as one of the heaviest available. Because of this, tool bars used in conjunction with other field accessories are also popular products. Supplied in single and double bars, rigid and folding, these bars are designed and manufactured to meet the individual requirements of the user. Speed and horsepower require heavy-duty components. Seven inch square tubing with 3/8" wall, heavy hitch plates, 2-15/16" hinge pins are standard.

Starting in 1992, Agri-Products introduced an innovative design for tractor-mounted liquid application tanks. Rather than make the tanks a "universal fit,” we challenged our team to make brackets that were designed to fit individual models of tractors. Design considerations included row visibility, cab access, ground clearance and strength. The resulting products have been widely accepted as a standard for comparison.

Commitment to Innovation

Innovation drives our company. It’s a critical factor in meeting customer needs and maximizing product efficiency. True leaders innovate.

Innovation, however, requires a significant commitment of resources—the willingness to invest both significant time and money to create the absolute best solutions. At Agri-Products, we steadfastly believe in investing the capital needed to meet dealer and user demands, Our commitment to innovation has helped us introduce groundbreaking products, such as our “inside the Trac” poly tanks for the John Deere and Caterpillar Challenger "row crop" models. Already, this product has gained a great deal of attention. This type of investment by Agri-Products demonstrates the desire to expand our market in the agricultural community.

Going the extra country mile means leading the way for innovation and setting the industry standard.